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240004 Brush Scb 13.5L 08Sr Nyl

13.5" (34cm) Cylindrical Nylon Scrub Brush with 8 Single Row Bristle Pattern. Nylon has excellent wear life and is recommended for light duty scrubbing or polishing of decorated floors. Will not scratch tile, terrazzo, or coated surfaces. Less optimal performance in high humidity or wet conditions. This "full-fill" Bristle Pattern provides excellent pickup of fine particles such as sand and dust. Fits Machine Model(s): 1220 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor, 1240 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor, 1260 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor, Power Eagle 1016, Power Eagle 1020, Power Eagle 500, Power Eagle 700, Power Eagle 800, Power Eagle 1000, SCX1000, SCX13/SCX16, SCX-1016
Price: $133.86
On Sale For: $125.60 

28" Long, 18 Single Row, Nylon Scrub Brush.

Longer Lasting Choice For General Purpose Use.

Replaces OEM# - 222305, TE222305
Price: $142.00
On Sale For: $125.50 

630133AM Resistor Cntrl Spd [0-20K]

This item will fit on Tennant - Nobles - BlueStar - Castex - OR Green Machine Equipment
Price: $43.41
On Sale For: $40.57 

80351 Brush Swp 24L Wedge Pyp Spl

24" (61cm) Cylindrical Polypropylene Sweep Brush with Sand Wedge Bristle Pattern. Polypropylene has good sweeping performance indoors or out, including damp and high-humidity areas, with good dust control. Not recommended for high-temperature applications. Tennant’s patented with Sand Wedge Pattern design contains the same amount of bristle material as high density brushes with distinctive gaps that perform a digging action. This design is most effective for heavy concentrations of sand and other fine materials found in foundries, bakeries, and cement plants
Price: $248.13
On Sale For: $233.25 

1015730 Brush Rlr 15.0 W/ Magnet

15" (38cm) Cylindrical Nylon Brush With Magnet. Fits Machine Model(s): 3110/3120 Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner, UltraGlide
Price: $48.91
On Sale For: $45.72